"I Did It to Win It" Contest!

Deadline:  July 31, 2013

Grand Prize:  KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer
Second Prize:  Signed copy of Chef Emily Luchetti’s book, The Fearless Baker


1. Watch one of Emily’s dessert videos.  See links to videos below.

2. Create your own version, take a photo, and upload it as an "I Did This!" under the video on Grokker.com.

3. Share* the video with your friends and have them "Love" your “I Did This!” photo.

The Grand Prize winer will be the contestant with the most “Loves” on their “I Did This”.  The second prize winner will be personally selected by Chef Emily.

*Helpful Tip: Sharing your “I Did This!” with friends and family will help you collect “Loves” and greatly boost your chances of winning, so be sure to share your “I Did This!” to your Facebook page and use the “Share” button on the video page to email your supporters and spread the word.

Contest Rules   Contest Requirements

Click on the video links below to watch Emily’s dessert videos.  After a short preview you will be asked to register to watch the rest of the video.  Enjoy and good luck!